Measureable Benefits

Aging men can experience dramatic quality-of-life improvements from a program of optimized, individualized testosterone therapy supported by moderate exercise and sensible nutrition.

Testosterone replacement therapy alone can improve your energy and attitude. But along with a program of moderate exercise and good nutrition, testosterone replacement therapy can reverse the typical course of added weight, decreased performance and diminished drives. Exercise and proper nutrition are powerful complements to testosterone therapy and provide momentum in the patient’s efforts toward improved health and performance.

Testosterone therapy complemented by exercise and proper nutrition also delivers emotional benefits. Realizing the benefits and improvements in his daily life, the patient is likely to continue his healthier lifestyle, much more likely than patients who try to rely on diets and exercise plans alone.

Men with higher testosterone levels generally are healthier and more active. They enjoy measurable health benefits that come with being more fit, including better outcomes in terms of lower blood pressure, improved lipid profiles and better insulin sensitivity, and relative to other common health risks.

Testosterone therapy, in combination with moderate exercise and proper nutrition, substantially and broadly contributes to a man’s health. In addition to improved energy, attitude and sex drive, many of our clients enjoy — and their physicians confirm — reduced incidence and severity of conditions they have struggled with for many years, including high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and insomnia.



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