Michael A. Sheffrin is Founder and CEO of Sheffrin Men’s Health.

For most of his life, Michael has had a passion for health and fitness. As a young man, he was devoted to athletics, physical fitness and studied nutrition.

In his professional career, Michael worked in medical device sales and management for companies since 1982, specializing in developing and commercializing new and innovative medical disciplines, including coronary stents, endovascular abdominal aneurysm repair and bi-ventricular pacing for congestive heart failure. During this time, he gained an appreciable understanding of medical science, medical practice management and compliance to FDA regulations.

In the early 2000’s, as he reached his forties, he began to sense the consequences of his own maturity. This lead to his interest in anti-aging and testosterone replacement therapy, and eventually his own experience with the health benefits of testosterone replacement therapy and how its effectiveness was affected by his fitness and nutrition regimen.

It was not long afterward that he became confounded by the abundance of misinformation and promotional hype surrounding testosterone replacement therapy.

This was the catalyst that enabled Michael to recognize the opportunity to improve the quality of life and restore active, healthy lifestyles to aging men by providing access to and proper administration of testosterone replacement therapy.



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